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Details of this years Ramadan Appeal, please see accompanying image for details of how to donate to the causes that are being collected for this year

With your fanntastic support, we raised and distributed a total of £17,720.26 during Ramadan over the past two years. The overwhelming repsonse has been logisitcally challenging for our small team and so, all future donations at the Masjid will be collected directly by the charities themselves.  

This year we have arranged for a number of charities to collect for their respective causes on Fridays during Ramadan. You wll also be able make donations to the charities online .

As in previous years, you can donate your Zakah as well as make general Sadqa donations. The Nisab (thereshold) value for 2016 is £2,540 based on gold. To help you calculate the correct amount of Zakah, we recommend Muslim Aid's online calculator: muslimaid.org.uk/zakat-calculator/ 

Lalyat al-Qadar: Giving charity on this night is like giving charity continuoulsy for 84 years. Therefore,  we recommend making at least a £1 donation each night during the last 10 days of Ramadan.

If you have any queries or concerns, please feel free to speak to Shaykh Rizwan or Imam Imran. We ask Allah (SWT) reward you for all your generosity in helping our brothers and sisters in their time of need.