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Forthcoming Charity Collections - Friday 1st and 8th December

Posted on: 29 November 2017

Forthcoming Charity Collections at Bashir Ahmed Masjid

Friday 1st December:

Leigh Park Mosque - new Mosque in Leigh Park near Portsmouth. Former corner plot house recently purchased for £200k (£100k raised, £100k qarz-e-hasna). Currently need to raise £50k to convert property from residential dwelling to Mosque and community centre.

As well as providing a place of worship and Qur'an classes for children, the committee plan to provide a number of community based activities for Muslims and non Muslims in this deprived area, such as women's groups, food bank and maths and English tuition.

Friday 8th December:

Ummah Welfare Trust will be collecting donations for their winter appeal providing help in Afghanistan, Albania, Bangladesh, Chechnya, Iraq, Myanmar (Burma) Pakistan, Palestine and Syria.

Further info can be found here> http://www.uwt.org/site/appeal.asp?id=1743

Please donate whatever you can towards these causes.

JazakAllah Khair