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Friday Khutbah (Sermon) 09/02/18 - Love and Romance in Islam

Posted on: 09 February 2018

In 2017, the Government passed The Children and Social Work Act 2017. The Act made Relationship Education (RE) a mandatory school subject in all primary schools for children between 5 and 11. This would be compulsory with no parental right of withdrawal and will apply to all schools: state and independent, faith and secular.

It is therefore, imperative that we approach this long ignored subject with sensitivity and understanding. As our children approach the teenage years, they are becoming exposed to an increasingly sexualised society and it is resulted in many communal and societal problems. These issues must be addressed and tenable solutions must be found.

This weeks khutbah titled 'Love & Romance in Islam' deals with dating/relationship problems as well as the dangers of pre marital sex. It also sheds some light on the marriages of the Prophet ﷺ and his loving and compassionate nature.

Please listen and share with all.