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Islamic funerals are known as ‘Janazah’, marking the important transition of the deceased into the eternal afterlife. Muslim funerals bring the local Islamic community together to pray for the deceased and to give comfort to the grieving family.

Our funeral services are provided in partnership with Southampton Muslim Funeral Services (SMFS), an independent not-for-profit voluntary service with over 20 years of experience.

SMFS cover all aspects of the funeral process, including the release and transportation of the body, registration of death, purchase of the burial plot, preparation of the body, and organising the funeral prayer.


Service Price Notes
All funeral and burial services £0 Provided free of charge
Provision of transport £0 Optional donations accepted
Supply of coffin, price up to £170* Cost price, direct from manufacturer
Use of wash (ghusl) facilities at SMMTL £0 Optional donations accepted
Cemetery Fee (Southampton City Council) up to approximately £2,600* Adults 18 and over, price dependant on burial type: coffin or shrouded
Cemetery Fee (Southampton City Council) £0* Children 17 and under
* Price subject to change


SMFS is led by three fully qualified funeral directors, who can be contacted directly using the details below:

Azad Majid - 07810 813030

Inayatullah Khan - 07866 026862

Izaz Ali - 07973 626288