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Ramadan 2019 - Security & Parking



There will be a security presence at the Masjid during Tarawih prayers throughout Ramadan.

The main entrance gate will be locked after Iftar and access will be through the smaller side gate where security personnel will be stationed.

Once Isha commences, the side gate will also be locked, however, security personnel will allow latecomers access after that.

The Masjid car park will also be locked 20 minutes prior to Isha Jamah. If you intend to use the Masjid car park, please note the gates will remain locked until after the completion of Tarawih. So, if you are only staying for 8 rakahs, please use an alternative parking location (see parking section below) to avoid being locked in.


In addition to the Masjid car park, you can use the Portswood Shopping Centre (Iceland) car park, which is less than a 2 minute walk away or the Westridge Road car park (behind Jay's Barber Shop), which is approximately a 5 minute walk away.

Last year, Waitrose were kind enough to allow us to utilise their car park at night. They have given us permission to do so again this year from 7.30pm onwards during Ramadan.

Please do not park in the residential complex opposite the Masjid and cause inconvenience to our neighbours.

The car wash next door and adjacent car parks now have active parking enforcement, so you will risk receiving a fine if you park there.

Please keep the above security and parking information in mind, and allow enough time for your journey to the Masjid.

We wish you and your families a blessed Ramadan 2019.

JazakAllah Khair