We have been closely monitoring developments concerning the Covid-19 pandemic. Earlier this week, we took the decision to suspend all Madrassah classes and move them online starting Monday 23 March.

In the days since, the virus has continued to spread at an alarming rate here in the UK and on an unprecedented scale globally. In light of this, the decision has now been taken to suspend all services at the Masjid after Isha prayer this evening.

Consequently, from tomorrow (Friday 20 March) there will be no congregational prayers, including Jummah, until further notice.

This decision has primarily been based on Islamic reasoning - along with advice from medical bodies - upholding the Islamic principle of the sanctity and preservation of life taking precedence over everything else.

Whilst we realise the disruption this may cause, we have put in place some measures to keep you connected and engaged with the Masjid:

  • The Friday (Jummah) khutbah /sermon will be broadcast live on our Facebook page from 12.30pm (www.facebook.com/Bashirahmedmasjid/). You can, therefore, listen to the khutbah before praying your Dhuhr salah in your homes;
  • Throughout the week, our Imams will be running live interactive sessions on a range of subjects, where you will have the opportunity to ask questions - again via the Facebook page;

This situation presents an opportunity for you to worship at home with your families, engage in acts of Dhikr (remembrance of Allah) together, and recount teachings from the life of the blessed Prophet (PBUH). We strongly urge you to use this time to strengthen your connection with Allah and increase your love of the blessed Prophet (PBUH).

We will continue to monitor developments and regularly communicate any changes through our social channels. It remains our intention to resume services as soon as it possible to do so.

Finally, we thank you for your understanding and continued support during these testing times. We ask Allah to keep us all under his divine protection and away from harm. Ameen.

Bashir Ahmed Masjid, Southampton