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Jumu’ah Parking Complaint


Yesterday we confirmed our Tarawih parking arrangement with Waitrose, which runs from 9pm each day throughout Ramadan.

During our discussions with Waitrose, it was brought to our attention that some people attending Jumu’ah have been parking in disabled and parent/child spaces, and have been abusive towards Waitrose staff when asked to move their cars.

This type of behaviour is wholly unacceptable and reflects negatively not only on the Masjid, but also on Islam and Muslims in general. As representatives of our faith, we all have a collective and individual responsibility to conduct ourselves in a manner befitting the teachings of Islam.

Waitrose have been very kind in letting us utilise their car park over the years, but please remember it is a privilege and not a right. It would be a real shame if we were to lose the use of their car park as a result of the actions of a few individuals.

Please, therefore, ensure you park appropriately without causing any upset or inconvenience to our neighbours.

JazakAllah Khairun